A$AP Rocky Answers 18 Questions From Rihanna | GQ

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Watch Rihanna answer 15 questions from A$AP Rocky on Vogue: vitaxs.info/rock/eKN6dql9dGt_mZs/video.html
Rihanna and A$AP Rocky may be good friends, but that doesn't mean they know everything about each other. We brought them together so Rihanna could ask A$AP Rocky 18 questions, from what his self-care routine is to what his favorite Fenty product is

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A$AP Rocky Answers 18 Questions From Rihanna | GQ

GQ 11 tháng trước
Watch Rihanna answer 15 questions from A$AP Rocky on Vogue: vitaxs.info/rock/eKN6dql9dGt_mZs/video.html
BLOOD GANG (BG) 2 tháng trước
vitaxs.info/rock/gnmWe92lgW-Hn5s/video.html fire
Meilynn Isaac
Meilynn Isaac 2 tháng trước
Rihanna Rihanna
Rihanna Rihanna 4 tháng trước
@bob bob thanks deary Officrihanna@gmail.com
Rihanna Rihanna
Rihanna Rihanna 4 tháng trước
@no way Officrihanna@gmail.com
Rihanna Rihanna
Rihanna Rihanna 4 tháng trước
@Adam Smith thanks Officrihanna@gmail.com
Justina Tv
Justina Tv 4 giờ trước
Drake new song will be "she like guys with clear skin so I moisturize with some fenty beauty
កូន ខ្មែរ
កូន ខ្មែរ 5 giờ trước
I think chris brown fits her better than Asap
Glory Chigogo
Glory Chigogo 10 giờ trước
Came back here after we started dating Rocky
rebecca nakato
rebecca nakato 2 ngày trước
This guy is so handsome 😍oh my God, the smile 😃😊
DON CHETO 2 ngày trước
The acrid tree emotionally reject because british certainly increase despite a parallel lock. adventurous, obedient thursday
Antonio 2 ngày trước
Ahh the honeymoon phase
Romeo 2 ngày trước
That was more than 18 questions lol
richgang_tv 2 ngày trước
Rocky is swaggy for real
chau ngoc hoe
chau ngoc hoe 3 ngày trước
The shallow cucumber demographically meddle because lisa predominantly consider midst a curvy carrot. white, wasteful address
Amethyst Dowling
Amethyst Dowling 3 ngày trước
It’s here telling him condoms 😂 like she knows wait celebrities wear condoms? I assumed they all don’t care and rather enjoy it all or find someone who would
Tiffany Thompson
Tiffany Thompson 4 ngày trước
soliye u
soliye u 5 ngày trước
They would be really cute parents 🥺🥰
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 5 ngày trước
I think after Chris, ASAP is the next person Rihana might truly love. Congrats to them👏
BreaB 18 giờ trước
@Jimmy Hopkins don't disrespect Robert Williams! 🗣 🤜
Jimmy Hopkins
Jimmy Hopkins 2 ngày trước
Quiet old man!
Wombat Happiness Girl
Wombat Happiness Girl 5 ngày trước
They’re talking about skin care and I feel like I am watching a romantic movie scene… hot couple .. 🔥
mn nm
mn nm 5 ngày trước
she's flexing because her man has skincare routine 😭
Malik mursal
Malik mursal 6 ngày trước
Lol 90% is skin care 10% is flirting.😇🤣 Obviously sponsored
Sinead Nally
Sinead Nally 6 ngày trước
There was a lot of skin questions
Bright 59
Bright 59 6 ngày trước
I feel like 90% of this is skin care
zolakology 102
zolakology 102 7 ngày trước
I am here for the Drake comments 🕴️
Iyanu Alabi
Iyanu Alabi 8 ngày trước
C P 8 ngày trước
Not gonna lie I’m disappointed at how boring this was.
yaw yaw
yaw yaw 8 ngày trước
Why do I feel like Rihanna ganna laugh out any moment 😄
Thato 8 ngày trước
Asap if you could just switch bodies with me for one day I promise you, I PROMISE YOU.... You'll regret it
K2klipz 9 ngày trước
Is my mans in boxers and a Jean jacket??? Smh 😂😂😂
Nate watson
Nate watson 9 ngày trước
Black love yall
Jazzy JJ
Jazzy JJ 9 ngày trước
Keep to your Bajan accent RiRi...drop the fake American 🥴
Tablón 9 ngày trước
Lookbat her eyes...
vonn dadde
vonn dadde 10 ngày trước
Rihanna is so beautiful
Mitchelle Purs
Mitchelle Purs 10 ngày trước
The drake comments still kill me
Sir. pariah 1800
Sir. pariah 1800 10 ngày trước
Are we not going to acknowledge hes in boxers
Masayu Aulia
Masayu Aulia 10 ngày trước
Marjorie Donat
Marjorie Donat 11 ngày trước
This dude and I can definitely hang. I'm about old school cartoons.
Σταυρος Παπαδοπουλος
Σταυρος Παπαδοπουλος 11 ngày trước
Well why do i have the feeling that they will split up..? Maybe I'm wrong but it's not actually the vibe of being in love. But anyway. Who cares what I'm saying?😂 Have a nice say people...
Mehmet Demirelli
Mehmet Demirelli 11 ngày trước
Are they still dating?
Toyosi Ogundusi
Toyosi Ogundusi 11 ngày trước
What's your skin type? Handsome 😂😂😂😂😂
Mbabali Quraish
Mbabali Quraish 12 ngày trước
Yelena R
Yelena R 12 ngày trước
Etx_dhrenthie 12 ngày trước
All the way I love you rihanna
Xafah Podraza
Xafah Podraza 13 ngày trước
drake somewhere out there is studying this video and taking notes.
Macheal$ Jordan
Macheal$ Jordan 13 ngày trước
Macheal$ Jordan
Macheal$ Jordan 13 ngày trước
Mellow Monsoon
Mellow Monsoon 13 ngày trước
What a way to sell products to men lol
Niah Bolden
Niah Bolden 13 ngày trước
LIBRA are smooth talkers ik because i’m a libra 😉
10k._JAE 13 ngày trước
7:11 when he said nah it was fire… my heart went😩😩😩😩🥺🥺🥺
Al Browne
Al Browne 13 ngày trước
coolest shades ever
Jonny Jeans
Jonny Jeans 14 ngày trước
rihana go jogging !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg
Katy Martin
Katy Martin 14 ngày trước
Rocky talks about being handsome a lot lordy lu that man ain't never lied! He's remarkably handsome but his persona is even more beautiful.
Jack F
Jack F 14 ngày trước
Did they literally talk about skincare for a whole 11 min?
MysteriousVibes 14 ngày trước
Why tf I'm I smiling so hard😅😅tf...I'm lacking I forgot I'm a thug who don't smile😄
Sisindise Maranjana
Sisindise Maranjana 14 ngày trước
Whose song is played on background at 8:31 ?
Chelsea Surf
Chelsea Surf 14 ngày trước
What about brushing your teeth and tongue 😛 🤣🤣
Suzan Ahenzo
Suzan Ahenzo 14 ngày trước
Toe Grabber
Toe Grabber 15 ngày trước
They are a power couple and look o hot together
Gifty Nathan
Gifty Nathan 15 ngày trước
I love you Rihanna
Mr. Gabriel.officiel
Mr. Gabriel.officiel 15 ngày trước
Oh really? that boy is wearing a short skirt ?
Paul Kaddu
Paul Kaddu 15 ngày trước
How did Riri get so fine? Like how?
Ione Pimenta
Ione Pimenta 15 ngày trước
They are so cute together
Julke 15 ngày trước
are they high
Kyazike Berinda
Kyazike Berinda 15 ngày trước
They look good. Where is Chris have you seen him.
NH vlogs
NH vlogs 15 ngày trước
What happened between riri and Drake, or there was nothing between two?
Zweli Mngadi
Zweli Mngadi 16 ngày trước
I think they are really good together 😍
Deasija Kelly
Deasija Kelly 17 ngày trước
All my life I been calling her Rihanna 😭
Tammi Bartice
Tammi Bartice 17 ngày trước
💜he's cute💜I loved Noxzema💜Wonder why they took away Noxzema Plus, smelled so good💜✌💜
ロバROBERT 17 ngày trước
drake be like: i wanna begin skincare rn
iTz T0nY24
iTz T0nY24 17 ngày trước
Tf is up with all the skincare questions
Глутеус Прајм
Глутеус Прајм 17 ngày trước
Why do they talk about skincare
r r
r r 18 ngày trước
I feel like I’m third Wheeling
Matt L
Matt L 18 ngày trước
Half the video is about skin care. Nothing more on their relationship
daf 15 ngày trước
this is 10 months ago dummy they start dating 2 months ago
Matt L
Matt L 18 ngày trước
Pandemic 🤦🏽‍♂️. Liar
omar 18 ngày trước
So cuteeeeeee together ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amber Luckes
Amber Luckes 18 ngày trước
Amber no diamond
Boo Bokan
Boo Bokan 18 ngày trước
Rocky is so handsome wow my goodness ❤️
waterman stonebrake
waterman stonebrake 18 ngày trước
The proud sampan daily desert because hot intralysosomally preach of a low firewall. better, fat faulty crowd
Nyasha Duri
Nyasha Duri 19 ngày trước
Unsolicited opinion: He is in no way worthy of her Also: Probably no one would be, concur
Maria susy Sanchez
Maria susy Sanchez 19 ngày trước
I look ugly now but forva queen it. Will be like the ugly ducklingb
Maria susy Sanchez
Maria susy Sanchez 19 ngày trước
Cards have a bless reading i believe in my spirit guides . queen
Sydney Jones
Sydney Jones 19 ngày trước
Noxema works wonders
Gabby Cliff
Gabby Cliff 19 ngày trước
I'm looking for a sister
Qusai Shwehdi
Qusai Shwehdi 20 ngày trước
Skincare? That’s very gangster lol
Only1TrinaB 20 ngày trước
All the questions were about skincare.. what type of questions.. nvm! I’m pretty sure people wanted to get to know more about him or something of interest. This was basically a way to sell her skincare lol! I’m not mad at that marketing!
Norma Henry
Norma Henry 20 ngày trước
Why the beping.
Ramduhawmi fanai
Ramduhawmi fanai 20 ngày trước
Ka enning theii looo❤️❤️
Judy Dolcine
Judy Dolcine 20 ngày trước
Lord I am still wondering why??!!! How? What? When? And How? Who???? Rocky who? And Rihanna? Why? Again What?.
fka_schuyler 20 ngày trước
The way they're talking so slowly and intimately! you can tell they like each other so much
Nathaniel Lapid
Nathaniel Lapid 21 ngày trước
It should’ve been Uzi😭
Selfish Babe84
Selfish Babe84 21 ngày trước
He's rihanna before she was famous
Gaming With Ace
Gaming With Ace 22 ngày trước
So nobody is going to say it? Alright I’ll say it. SHE STILL LOVES CHRIS! ASAP is a pit stop.She looks like she’s having fun, that’s all. He seems to be more into her than she is into him. He is complimenting her a lot, that’s the give away. I hope they do last, but Chris still lives there.
Gaming With Ace
Gaming With Ace 22 ngày trước
ASAP:“How you?” Bro.. really?
Moira Schitts
Moira Schitts 22 ngày trước
I love them together alot. He is cute
Gadafffi Omar
Gadafffi Omar 22 ngày trước
Asap tryna smash 😂😂
cass joonie
cass joonie 21 ngày trước
Trying???where have you been?
Laronda Johnson
Laronda Johnson 22 ngày trước
Tryna?? He’s currently smashing 😂
Trademark TM
Trademark TM 22 ngày trước
He loves her.
Skully .
Skully . 22 ngày trước
Rachael Gill
Rachael Gill 23 ngày trước
I always knew they had love for each other I’m so happy they are together. Cuteness overload
Jon Henderson
Jon Henderson 23 ngày trước
Why all the skincare questions
Basic Barks
Basic Barks 23 ngày trước
Asap winning!
ARGUMENT 10 23 ngày trước
Drake been punching the air
I'm Here
I'm Here 24 ngày trước
How did she get that bump on the side of her head
Brittany Anderson
Brittany Anderson 24 ngày trước
These questions are so weird.
abhinav menon
abhinav menon 25 ngày trước
She got that shea butter skin 😍
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