Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!

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These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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SketchingArts 2 phút trước
When I saw Mikasa only cut off her arm, I knew she was going to lose
Haasenater 3 phút trước
I have an idea, what about a fight between Daryun fron Arslan vs. Haak from Yona
Night Rise
Night Rise 4 phút trước
Amazing this was even a question. Of course Blake wins
Mr. Moonsnake
Mr. Moonsnake 5 phút trước
Azula vs Cinder
jozen1098 12 phút trước
15:38 -Darkseid- I heard from this millionaire that Catgirls hold the secret to the Anti-life equation, show me
catherga 15 phút trước
Borrowed some choreography from the Yang vs Adam and Grimm Reaper vs. Bandits fights? Nice
Ori the Guardian spirit
Ori the Guardian spirit 17 phút trước
Who here after the thumbnail changed
ezek ahmad
ezek ahmad 18 phút trước
I would've been funnier the reason that Mikasa attacked Blake was because Blake was hurting Ereh 😂
mothafraker 18 phút trước
Wiz is a Mauler twin.
SirLightning The Electrician
SirLightning The Electrician 20 phút trước
The legendary dragon warrior is next. Can't wait
Curtis Levere
Curtis Levere 26 phút trước
Who is making all these suggestions? I think Patreon users are calling all the shots here. Po. Really???
David Aviles Vazquez
David Aviles Vazquez 26 phút trước
Go P.O. go po
Era of Nova
Era of Nova 27 phút trước
I'm starting to hate rwby because of these biased staged fights. All about the money huh
Zer0 49
Zer0 49 47 phút trước
Another fight where someone with magic against someone who doesn't.. can we please get more even fights? Getting a bit old. Not even a fan of either show but I called the winner immediately before the fight started. lol
Alex 59 phút trước
"dealt the final blow to Eren".....sneaky spoiler
Flamarada D
Flamarada D Giờ trước
ok i get they let blake win because of whatever but we all know its because she is part of their brand and they cant let their champ lose, Mikasa wouldnt have missed and obviously easy slice to the neck when shes wrapped up in the wire
DEDmanwalking .-.
DEDmanwalking .-. Giờ trước
Death battle is so pathetic at this point. They literally make up facts or diminish other characters so that who they want to win. Not to mention Death battle should never use their own companies characters as entrees for fights. And this is not coming from an AoT fan, I’ve never even seen an episode, but I have seen RWBY and Blake is no where near as strong as they say
karni D
karni D Giờ trước
Welp.. cant say I didnt see that coming.. really all Blake needed to do was cut off the odm gear and mikasa is practically useless.. there's another idea for death battle. One of the titans vs one of the monsters from rwby
FullMetalMonk Giờ trước
Death battle: Rick McConnell vs Indiana Jones!!!
7 - BIT
7 - BIT Giờ trước
We finally get an animated film character! After 10 years.
Selfmade Zay
Selfmade Zay Giờ trước
Death battle ideas Arlong vs kisame Cell vs meruem Azula vs dabi Gambler vs hisoka Ozai vs endeaver Piccolo vs Martian manhunter Madara vs aizen
Jesse Ventura
Jesse Ventura Giờ trước
Am I missing something? What’s the similarities between these two? Like it seemed pretty cut and dry Blake would win.
Angel Emmanuel Perez Muniz
Angel Emmanuel Perez Muniz Giờ trước
So we had a cat fight this time?
MesiMyst Giờ trước
Mikasa told Blake to get out of there, Blake was pissed for disrespecting her, so she attacked Mikasa (she could just talk to her smh), after a few fights Blake was actually trying to run away, which means she probably was actually trying to get out of there,just how mikasa WANTED her to do earlier, but she wasn't done Either way it's boths fault 🤠
the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd
the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd Giờ trước
Atom vs Ant man Please?
jonas geneste
jonas geneste Giờ trước
I’m sorry I can’t accept this one ...
Kewa Giờ trước
I genuinely do not understand how Blake won. She literally lost her aura from 1 attack in rwby. .-.
Chris Morris
Chris Morris Giờ trước
Booo fake nerds boooo
Randy Vaughn
Randy Vaughn Giờ trước
I know for sure Blake was going to be the winner I didn’t look at the ending know what I’m saying guys
Spongegod - Ominpants
Spongegod - Ominpants 2 giờ trước
Honestly I actually really appreciate that they changed the thumb nail this one shows who they both are better.
Antonio Higginbottom
Antonio Higginbottom 2 giờ trước
Rwby characters 2wins and 1 loss. Ruby need to be next to fight.
Dana Gray
Dana Gray 2 giờ trước
Two supremely skilled combatants. One has superpowers and magic. Are we really surprised that this is the result?
DeathsFlagShip 2 giờ trước
This wasn't even a fair fight.
arcadealchemist199 2 giờ trước
Did they really put iron fist up against kung fu panda as if it’s fair
Buster Wolf
Buster Wolf 2 giờ trước
Why’d you change the thumbnail? It was fine the way it was!!!
Jauron Banks
Jauron Banks 2 giờ trước
So anyone else notice the edited colors on blake in the thumbnail
Mob Goblin
Mob Goblin 2 giờ trước
I truly feel like they just saw two chicks who swing and were like yes that’s balanced
Damon Lucitor
Damon Lucitor 2 giờ trước
Could you do Meliodas vs Jedah Dohma
Chris Mcnary
Chris Mcnary 2 giờ trước
Hahaha Incredible reference nice 4:00
Devout to Dracovish
Devout to Dracovish 2 giờ trước
Can we get rimuru in death battle
litewinger 2 giờ trước
Hmmm... Rooster Teeth picking a Rooster Teeth character to win... yup, that's not sus at all.
All You Can Do
All You Can Do 2 giờ trước
A macht is not a macht, they are not even close, a real unfair battle
Baligong 2 giờ trước
Kinda expected Mikasa to die, especially when she's basically just a Super Soldier, and Blake is practically beyond a Super Soldier.
Jesse Erven
Jesse Erven 2 giờ trước
Quit making battles with characters you own.
Jou Alvarez
Jou Alvarez 2 giờ trước
Omniman vs Homelander please
MJ Fig
MJ Fig 2 giờ trước
Is this the first time they've ever changed the thumbnail?
Nightguy 2 giờ trước
They just changed the thumbnail.
MJ Fig
MJ Fig 2 giờ trước
Yeah i just realized it aswell,dunno why they did that but im ok with it lol
The Traveler
The Traveler 2 giờ trước
So every RWBY character that has fought in DeathBattle so far have won, specifically three of them (Yang, Weiss, and now Blake). Is there a pattern here?
The Traveler
The Traveler 2 giờ trước
@Connor Maclean Wait... *Watches video* Oops, no pattern after all.
Connor Maclean
Connor Maclean 2 giờ trước
Weiss lost lmao
Carter Nation
Carter Nation 3 giờ trước
Sweet Fight, I thought Mikasa would win but guess you can't guess them all. How about General Grievous Vs. Adam Taurus in the future?
David rosado
David rosado 3 giờ trước
BraveStarr vs Judge Dredd at some point please
Victor Rangel Moreira
Victor Rangel Moreira 3 giờ trước
Next death battle: Asura (Asura's Wrath) vs Broly (Dragon Ball)
Timothy Spradlin
Timothy Spradlin 3 giờ trước
One massive plot hole for RWBY, where are all the OTHER Hunters and Huntresses that was trained by the academy over the years.
SirKillalot98 2 giờ trước
Well RWBY, JNPR, CRDL (just disappeared). CFVY have their book series. I think all other teams were from other academies.
Bryan Antu
Bryan Antu 3 giờ trước
You should make the next one black widow vs. John wick
JP3 3 giờ trước
Goku black vs Reverse flash
Jordan Marshall
Jordan Marshall 3 giờ trước
Annie should be fighting blake
Ryan Belmont
Ryan Belmont 3 giờ trước
Hey Wiz and Boomstick, can you please do a Death Battle with either Domon Kashu and his Burning Gundam or Simon and Kamina with their Mecha called Gurren Lagann please?
$@v@G3 M€knight
$@v@G3 M€knight 3 giờ trước
bruh i dont even know why this was an episode. It so easy to beat someone from attack on titan.
Galdrnix Thral
Galdrnix Thral 3 giờ trước
This was a bad match up just saying
Grimsanity 3 giờ trước
Po vs Iron Fist is going to be stupid, but well appreciated. A nice break from all these battles that feel like they're grassping at straws.
None_ya Business
None_ya Business 3 giờ trước
Can you guys make a new death battle with marx vs omega flowey then magolor vs sans then ridley vs lord dominator from death battle fandom wiki please and I want marx to win and magolor and ridley please
team godzilla team kong team mechagodzilla
team godzilla team kong team mechagodzilla 3 giờ trước
Po will win
1x .Bizzle
1x .Bizzle 4 giờ trước
another miss
Mr.Chicken 4 giờ trước
Garra vs ken kaneki?
ian piper
ian piper 4 giờ trước
That wass a good 1 guys good job
Send Down
Send Down 4 giờ trước
2:19 the nevermore doesn’t even fully hit them lol, saying it did is like saying everytime they’ve narrowly dodged something or had something breaking under them counts as hit
SirKillalot98 4 giờ trước
Alright but the scaling should technically hold since they have been able to harm them. Rather easily with V2 Coco's case or Ruby.
John McDonald
John McDonald 4 giờ trước
And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27) The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5) And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30)
Mychild1234 4 giờ trước
Gandalf v dumbledore
Matthew Humphrey
Matthew Humphrey 4 giờ trước
This was a terrible death battle. Of course Mikasa was gonna lose. I've heard people say death battle characters should be similar, but I personally thinks it's better when it's not so obvious.
Lawrence Sydnor
Lawrence Sydnor 4 giờ trước
I really don’t like ruby, or the characters...
AngelNearDestruction 4 giờ trước
Ok, so mikasa is just a less superhuman version of the animal girl. She loses outright. That being said, I have a handful of issues with death battle’s weird fight and excuses; 1, why did mikasa change her blade twice when she didn’t even hit anything with them and why did she change them like every few seconds anyway? They aren’t just super hard steel, the edge of the blade itself uses the special material only found in eldia, and it is spelled out by everything except a direct statement that the material is titan related. Furthermore, titan skin in stronger than steel canonically, which is why they have to use the special giant razor blades with perfect edge alignment in order to cut through them. If these blades are that sharp, and can make 10/20/30/40 cuts at a time and still kill a titan as levi has done multiple times, there is no way fighting the way she did would dull or break a single pair of her blades. 2, Additionally, what do you mean ackermans didn’t have a lot of experience fighting humans? Levi and kenny both murdered people and fought people with both blades and bare hands, and kenny went as far as to even make his entire career killing humans. Furthermore, the ackermans themselves were persecuted and attacks by eldians constantly after king fritz neutralized his country. There are canonical centuries of ackermans fighting, killing, and dying with eldians. So if her experience was at ALL a factor, she would be fine, especially considering that little girl mikasa could beat up multiple larger boys. It is just biology that men tend to be stronger, and when we are children and don’t use athleticism to close the strength gap, the strength and weight difference alone is phenomenal. And yet she is capable of overpowering them, and is skilled enough to take on 3+ at once, as she had been known to do so. Not to mention mikasa and annie had a fight, and Anni was a hand to hand combat prodigy, literally called the marleans secret weapon. She displayed hand to hand combat skill greater than any non-ackerman, and mikasa just being on the same level alone means she is 100% capable of fighting humans way easier than she can fight titans. 3, what the hell was that intro? Here is how that would have went: -leave -no -civilians have to leave -i’m not a civilian im a hunter/soldier -oh cool, want to kill some titans? They are heading this way and will try to eat everyone. -hmph why not
Kissai Rashaegawa
Kissai Rashaegawa Giờ trước
Well 1. Hunters and huntresses have been known to cut through things tougher than steel so dulling Mikasa's blades with our out semblance shouldn't be that hard. 2. That's kinda like being the best fighter in your karate class. I mean I don't watch too much of the AOT but from what I remember most of the style was MMA and it seemed like they were pretty closed off so pretty much all them kind of knew the same style of martial arts and sword-fighting pretty much. Whereas a hunter and Huntress usually end up having to fight various different types of styles at all times depending on who or what they run into. 3. That was them joking around most likely. You know cause you tell a cat to do something and they don't do it. (Also for me that would start a fight. I mean you got to admit someone knocking a book out your hand is super annoying. P.S. the fights are for mostly presentation. I mean stats Weis they already chosen the winner but the fight at least tries to make both characters look good. even if one is completely levels above the other.
Murrowboy 4 giờ trước
You let Blake win this one but let Weiss get completely dominated? So bias.
Murrowboy 3 giờ trước
@Ashuto Exactly my point, they gave her a bad match up to begin with. Blake vs Mikasa is more even since none of them are that powerful. Weiss' battle is more like deadpool vs Mask or Goku vs Superman. Weiss is just a normal girl with some gimmicks. She had no chance.
Ashuto 4 giờ trước
Wdym by bias? Both results are correct, they actually lowballed Mitsuru really hard there's no way Weiss can even hit her realistically.
Sheik Dickerson
Sheik Dickerson 4 giờ trước
whats with the new image
Fools Arcana
Fools Arcana 4 giờ trước
Blake was acting surprisingly chipper when a titan showed up given she lost an arm
ConeMan 4 giờ trước
bro cap
Ashuto 4 giờ trước
What are you saying it's cap?
Shirou Ogami
Shirou Ogami 4 giờ trước
really thought mikasa would won but good job to blake
DukeofGames50 5 giờ trước
long time fan writing: great graphics, but was it my computer, or was the Frame Rate low on this battle? love what you do :)
Gustavo Silva
Gustavo Silva 5 giờ trước
Never thought boomstick would make me cry but here i am
BassGSnewtype Full Spec
BassGSnewtype Full Spec 5 giờ trước
Ai vey, what a way to die
Aidan Banks
Aidan Banks 5 giờ trước
They’ve changed the thumbnail again…. Huh, like Winter Soldier vs Red Hood
Aidan Banks
Aidan Banks 4 giờ trước
Lol, and yet I preferred the first one.
Pedro Andrés Hidalgo Román
Pedro Andrés Hidalgo Román 5 giờ trước
You did Mikasa wrong guys!!
Kissai Rashaegawa
Kissai Rashaegawa Giờ trước
@Ashuto I would say most likely the speed Gap. I mean one Dodges bullets while the other fights on par with people that can dodge lightning. And one having a aura Shield while the other is literally just a regular human being that can die from the same things we can.
Ashuto 3 giờ trước
@Pedro Andrés Hidalgo Román actually if you look at the numbers this was the second closest fight of this season, don't know why everyone is saying that it's a stomp lol
Pedro Andrés Hidalgo Román
Pedro Andrés Hidalgo Román 3 giờ trước
@Ashuto oh that is what I meant, to me they did her wrong because the power diff was too high!
Ashuto 4 giờ trước
Nah, they actually lowballed Blake, the four ton feat was way back in chapter one so she should be way stronger nowadays and considering her being 40x faster, having an aura shielding her and having a wider arsenal. It's pretty clear Blake takes Mikasa out pretty easily
Sonic Infinite
Sonic Infinite 5 giờ trước
Blake dosent live in the 800’s 🙄
Sonic Infinite
Sonic Infinite 5 giờ trước
Blake: LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Me: woman you charged into her
Sonic Infinite
Sonic Infinite 5 giờ trước
Mikasa wouldn’t attack a civilian even if Blake isn’t a civilian. Mikasa isn’t a dumb person. Or a person who gets into fights for no reason
It’s Lays
It’s Lays 5 giờ trước
Yes Blake likes yang,reading,tuna and yang
King Zone
King Zone 5 giờ trước
You should do Ruby Rose vs Maka Albarn (RWBY vs Soul Eater)
Jonathan Juarez
Jonathan Juarez 24 phút trước
@Ashuto Ruby’s going to need big upgrades to her stats otherwise she’s gonna die horribly against Maka who scales to crona who according to death battle is city level and Mach 3,000+ possibly even relativistic.
King Zone
King Zone 3 giờ trước
@Ashuto I was late to that info i learn it few seconds ago
Ashuto 4 giờ trước
They pretty much confirmed this battle is going to happen at some point, they're pretty much just waiting for RWBY to end so they can use her at her full power
Frank Quintero
Frank Quintero 5 giờ trước
Kakashi vs Goyo
James Johnson
James Johnson 5 giờ trước
Wow the character with super powers won who would have guessed it everytime it's a RWBY character I feel like they try to put them up against someone they know will lose not always but enough where I'm seeing a trend I mean what do they even have in common this fight
Ashuto 4 giờ trước
Bruh, RWBY appeared in just 3 episodes that's hardly enough to call it a pattern. Plus Mitsuru stomps Weiss really hard and Yang VS Tifa is just straight up wrong
SirKillalot98 4 giờ trước
Dual blade wielding swinging fighters Sullen personalities Come from a discriminated island race At some point In love with an ambitious extremist willing to murder an entire race to get their way.
Connor Reeves
Connor Reeves 5 giờ trước
Ayoooo wouldn't an Asuma Sarutobi and Isaac Netero be lit?🔥
kai oni
kai oni 5 giờ trước
I don't have to watch the video to know who won and it's definitely Blake Edit: F****** called it
Peter Miller
Peter Miller 6 giờ trước
Blake: OP Huntress vs Mikasa the strong servant. Done deal
Dr_cookie 6 giờ trước
right who wants to tell me if i can watch this spoiler free? because ive never read AOT manga and im on ep 69 right now so im practically caught up but better to be safe than sorry
SirKillalot98 4 giờ trước
You need to be up to the current anime episode before watching this without spoilers and there is a feat onscreen that spoils the manga. So I suggest wait.
Travis Victir90
Travis Victir90 6 giờ trước
Boring. Blake obviously destroys her. Should've done Ruby vs Maka. Also when are you gonna do Noel vs Aigis, Gandalf vs Dumbledore and Galactus vs Unicron?
Deon Knight
Deon Knight 6 giờ trước
seras victoria versus yuki kuran
Ryder Draconis
Ryder Draconis 6 giờ trước
I'm getting sick and tired of Death Battle claiming people can move faster than light just because they dodged a lightning based attack. It means that it either missed, or they anticipated where it would strike and moved before it was cast. Every episode the battle contestants are labeled as moving FTL and it's really old.
Ryder Draconis
Ryder Draconis 8 phút trước
@SirKillalot98 Not off the top of my head but even 1/3 light speed is still too dumb a measurement for characters like Blake. Superman or the Flash? No, you can use that measurement for them but not Blake. It''s just as dumb when they used the Super Mario World animations where Mario lifted and threw a castle. It just doesn't work like that. Speaking of which, I think it was my fault they used that measurement for Mario. I asked if they should use that example in their previous Mario v Sonic episode and what do you know? They used it the next time he was on.
SirKillalot98 2 giờ trước
They never have assumed Lightning is light speed. It is either 200,000 mph or 1/3 light speed. Also when it comes to lasers they also go by if it shows natural properties (moves in straight lines, burns on contact, bounces off reflective surfaces). Danny vs Jake is an example. Can you actually cite when lightning was treated else.
Ryder Draconis
Ryder Draconis 2 giờ trước
@Ashuto Because Death Battle assumes that every lightning or lazer based attack travels at light speed. And if a character can dodge that attack, then it must mean that they are faster than light. Pretty silly reasoning I know, but they do it every episode.
Ashuto 3 giờ trước
@Ryder Draconis i never said it was Lightspeed, lightning moves at Massively Hypersonic speeds i really don't know where you're getting FTL from
Ryder Draconis
Ryder Draconis 3 giờ trước
@Ashuto And if we can see them move out of the way when it's not in slow motion, then it wasn't moving light speed.
Zirge Kayda
Zirge Kayda 6 giờ trước
Who would win a death battle Tatsumi from akame ga kill or Issei from Highschool DxD
Ashuto 3 giờ trước
Issei wins, he's Stronger a wayy faster than anything Tatsumi has done before
Noah Gill
Noah Gill 6 giờ trước
Baki vs Kenshiro !!!!
Travis Victir90
Travis Victir90 6 giờ trước
Lol, Kenshiro kills him.
Typhlosion in Pompeii
Typhlosion in Pompeii 6 giờ trước
Eren Jaeger vs Guts
Travis Victir90
Travis Victir90 6 giờ trước
I'd say Guts.
Ryder Draconis
Ryder Draconis 6 giờ trước
More fun than watching actual rwby
Kylelouise Galpo
Kylelouise Galpo 6 giờ trước
Yami vs gojo
Jesse Marcus
Jesse Marcus 6 giờ trước
Yes!!!!!! This is going to be literally EVERYONES FAVORITE BATTLE
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