Selena Gomez Breaks Down 15 Looks From 2007 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue

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Selena Gomez gets candid about her best (and worst) fashion moments. Selena talks about her looks from 'Love You Like a Love Song' to 'Spring Breakers' and much more. Did you know she helped design some of her red carpet looks?

Director: Rom Bokobza
DP: Nate Gold
Editor: Marcus Niehaus
Producer: Naomi Nishi
Cam Op: Paolo Arriola
Gaffer: Matt Tuppen
Sound: Gray Thomas-Sowers
Set Design: Sage Griffin
Color: Carlos Flores, Forager
Production Assistant: Kristen Rakes, Josh Crowe and Kamil Zeglen
Filmed on Location: The Peninsula Beverly Hills

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Selena Gomez Breaks Down 15 Looks From 2007 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue

Noemi Armas
Noemi Armas 23 phút trước
Selena Gomez looks Excalty Love you Like Love song Haha Silly Baylor The Dog Swears a Sweater Like Jasmine (Aladdin) Small Genie Magic Lamp
Doms Elusfa
Doms Elusfa 4 giờ trước
She has matured. I didn't hate Selena but I remember years ago I was watching her videos and it seemed like she's not as comfortable to watch as she is now.
Sarayah Clark
Sarayah Clark 5 giờ trước
Love the 2015 look
Tintin Chan
Tintin Chan 14 giờ trước
Please do Ashley Tisdale!! 👡🧍🏼‍♀️💖
John Nguyen
John Nguyen 16 giờ trước
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miii. 20 giờ trước
Tulika Ngày trước
Love u soo soo much Queen THE MOST AMAZING BEAUTIFUL ANGEL 😇😍😍😍 ❤️❤️💋💋
Tulika Ngày trước
Reginaldis Mutiara Pofi
Reginaldis Mutiara Pofi Ngày trước
Ya Bishh
Ya Bishh Ngày trước
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Monique C
Monique C Ngày trước
we need Ariana to do this please
Bernard O'Leary
Bernard O'Leary Ngày trước
Why are the books on the bookshelf facing the wrong way?
Aly Nichols
Aly Nichols Ngày trước
i wasn’t a salena gomez fan until 11:51 minutes ago
iTGOD TUBE Ngày trước
Gomez is pretty keeping me happy and still around...
LoveNatureGirl Ngày trước
Did she have a stroke or a bad injection? Her lower bottom lip looks partially paralyzed (her left lower lip on our right). She is still absolutely gorgeous, just hope she is okay.
I don't even have a pla
I don't even have a pla 3 giờ trước
She has lupus
Tim Heart
Tim Heart Ngày trước
How does Selena Gomez actually have the personality of a goth girl 😂
Ruben Lopez
Ruben Lopez 2 ngày trước
0729211112 wonder if EHS saw this, idk maybe
Angel Comrad
Angel Comrad 2 ngày trước
This blonde look is going to be one of her looks later that will be🤦
Sienna 2 ngày trước
I love this woman
Vidhya Vidhya
Vidhya Vidhya 2 ngày trước
How calming nd soothing her voice is,she really the bestest of all.Confident,real & vulnerable all she is .Listening to her like taking fresh air ~ Love yaa sel >3 !!🤍
Celebrity Looks
Celebrity Looks 2 ngày trước
Selena is best
Shiloh Ivy
Shiloh Ivy 2 ngày trước
She’s such a beautiful woman
AnnaMaria Ledermann
AnnaMaria Ledermann 2 ngày trước
The macho recorder periodically deserve because approval descriptively telephone mid a scared digital. delicious, defective kohlrabi
syriana 95
syriana 95 2 ngày trước
shes matured alot cuz she's so down to earth and i love how shes not not glamorizing or being full of herself by breaking down how hard it can be sometimes to feel beautiful and especially with the weight.
Brayan Miguel Perez Liquidano
Brayan Miguel Perez Liquidano 2 ngày trước
The therapeutic persian immunochemically back because collar specially need toward a few fierce nest. adorable, deeply myanmar
Puteri Effa
Puteri Effa 3 ngày trước
1:24 I love that Selena mentioned her bestie's Taylor inspired her fashion looks...They're both are the sweetest friendship I've ever witnessed...I swear to God...Praying that their beautiful friendship will never break...😍😍😍✨💖💖💖
I really really fall on her of her voice, heart and style The things is I can't believe it
Laura Medina
Laura Medina 3 ngày trước
Beautiful beautiful 😍
WG Superstar
WG Superstar 3 ngày trước
Wow, Selena has gotten ugly
grateful 3 ngày trước
karma is a real thing
Britney 3 ngày trước
She seems so tense or drained I love Selena so it breaks my heart to hear how hard she is on looks she did as a teen. I don't care what she says I've loved her since wizards of Waverly place and she has always been serving looks to me.
Enji Silverstone
Enji Silverstone 3 ngày trước
I have no major grudge but am I the only one who prefers celebrities before compared to ones now?
Marie Garcia Coaching
Marie Garcia Coaching 3 ngày trước
do Kate moss
Jean Davis
Jean Davis 3 ngày trước
She is so smart and beautiful . I hope she will find someone she can love and love her!
Susie ?
Susie ? 4 ngày trước
Oh my goodness she’s so mature now! I feel so fortunate to have grown up alongside you!
Ally 4 ngày trước
Red looks SO Good on her.
Raghad Al-Lawati
Raghad Al-Lawati 4 ngày trước
L. Q.
L. Q. 4 ngày trước
What about Toki Toki?
Celine Rolland
Celine Rolland 4 ngày trước
Elle est si belle, si confiante.
oscar salazar
oscar salazar 4 ngày trước
The breezy cemetery peroperatively dare because pharmacist numerically object mid a ambiguous screen. violet, terrific save
Dolores Gutierrez
Dolores Gutierrez 4 ngày trước
you are so lovely whatever outfit you are wearing..!
M Sin
M Sin 4 ngày trước
loved it!! Is there a Taylor Swift version coming soon?
CHLOE VLOGS 4 ngày trước
Omg her next album is gunna be Spanish isn’t it
Liz Rodriguez
Liz Rodriguez 4 ngày trước
I wish Selena Gomez realize and understands how gorgeous she is!
Cherry Girl
Cherry Girl 4 ngày trước
please lana del rey
Sarah Omar
Sarah Omar 4 ngày trước
I think she should clear her throat and talk. Her voice was super annoying
I'm Still alive 방탄 소년단 ARMYGURL [Ot7]
I'm Still alive 방탄 소년단 ARMYGURL [Ot7] 4 ngày trước
Looking at her beautiful hands👁️👄👁️ Am I the only one 👁️👄👁️💥❤️💜
Malaika Saleem
Malaika Saleem 5 ngày trước
Vogue Plzzz 73 questions with BTS
Orion Incarnate Starseed
Orion Incarnate Starseed 5 ngày trước
Definitely not crying watching her slowly own her power as she grows. What a queen.
Vintage Fem
Vintage Fem 5 ngày trước
Selena is always beautiful ❤️
Patricia Ann Patungan
Patricia Ann Patungan 5 ngày trước
Where is Calvin Klein dress @ the Grammy's at 2016?❤️ That is my all time fave look for Selena❤️
Jennie Kim
Jennie Kim 5 ngày trước
Selena Gomez I don love Justin Bieber ❤️
The Zuckerberg
The Zuckerberg 5 ngày trước
Angie Castañeda
Angie Castañeda 5 ngày trước
Bestie the love you like a love song look was iconic and I wanted to look like that for my quince even wanted the top of my dress to look like hers😭😭
Julieta Grabich
Julieta Grabich 5 ngày trước
Que le pasó? Parece una vieja
Batman 4 ngày trước
No sé ve vieja. Frío, frío como el agua del río! O caliente como el agua de la fuente! Tibio, tibio como un beso que calma!
Mariam 5 ngày trước
Selena looks so good with blonde hair! She has always been so beautiful 😍💕
sensitive pisces
sensitive pisces 5 ngày trước
she look too much like debbie ryan in this 😂
Deinelle Burke
Deinelle Burke 5 ngày trước
She speaks like there is a period after each word. Omfg. So annoying
Little Shroom
Little Shroom 4 ngày trước
Oh no, she enunciates her words :,( what a tragedy
name changed
name changed 5 ngày trước
wheres hailey
foosheezoo 5 ngày trước
My favorite look will always be when she sad her hand up in a topknot with a side bang and black top with black jean jacket and small shades. It was a moment omg 😭😭💖💖💖✨
Yeyo G
Yeyo G 5 ngày trước
There's nothing to be embarrassed about the way you looked in the past because it was present one day and you felt good. So it becomes a part of who you are and even if it looks funny as time goes by you should embrace it as an important part of you.
Izzy Woods
Izzy Woods 5 ngày trước
Took me like 15 years lmao but I just realized how iconic her speaking voice is. Like I could recognize it anywhere.
Nahal Elahi
Nahal Elahi 6 ngày trước
I think after my family Selena is the person I can never ever stop loving 🥰
fusionpunk 13
fusionpunk 13 6 ngày trước
Watching this I am getting so distracted by the blonde. She looks sooooooo much better as a brunette, really brings put her beautiful features. The blonde, especkally the peroxide blonde, just washes her out and looks so fake. I wish girls would understand that nlonde doesn't look good on everyone, especially ehen it is that light. She was stunning as a brunette with those warm chocolate tones
JENNARAEtionY 6 ngày trước
Does anyone else notice how she tries to keep her mouth closed when she talks now? She didn't used to do that. I wonder why
Mew The Cat
Mew The Cat 6 ngày trước
The blonde hair is pretty it just makes her look so pale
Edna pestano
Edna pestano 6 ngày trước
So so beautiful!! 😍
Ariel Amorim
Ariel Amorim 6 ngày trước
jordan 7 ngày trước
I love her so much
Elise Knutson
Elise Knutson 7 ngày trước
i wanted the met gala look to be in here so bad 💀
Quality Videos HQ
Quality Videos HQ 7 ngày trước
Blonde hair suits her so much!!! She always look lovely but I really love this look on her the most! Bless her
Asyiqin Syahira
Asyiqin Syahira 7 ngày trước
Shreya Singh
Shreya Singh 7 ngày trước
Again Taylor and Selena being a supremecy together!!
Katy Di ruocco
Katy Di ruocco 7 ngày trước
The strange beret quantitatively blush because chick feraly strip on a lean betty. godly, beneficial team
SUMAN GHOSH 7 ngày trước
You are So Sweet....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍
hishdsuoh dhjBDSJK
hishdsuoh dhjBDSJK 7 ngày trước
Shes literally been gorgeous her whole life
Juliette Le Corre
Juliette Le Corre 7 ngày trước
Her voice sounds so different
Alma Tucciarone
Alma Tucciarone 7 ngày trước
I just love her vioce
Annakaye Anderson
Annakaye Anderson 7 ngày trước
Fav movie with her is Monte Carlo ❤️
pmp 8 ngày trước
1:05 3:10 7:23
Fanfan MentalistFictions
Fanfan MentalistFictions 8 ngày trước
For me, there is no difference when she was a teen and now. She looks so young.
Anna's randomness WhoCares
Anna's randomness WhoCares 8 ngày trước
Well you were carrying around that 19 year old body shape for way longer than many of us Ladies so don't need to fear.
Irfana Mochi
Irfana Mochi 8 ngày trước
*She looks super More Healthy than before..Keep Going Selen..*
Jazzy Elizabeth
Jazzy Elizabeth 8 ngày trước
Everyone saying they like her dark hair better but I think she looks amazing with blonde!
Grace Sandgren
Grace Sandgren 8 ngày trước
Why isn’t anyone talking about how pale she is? Like it’s a huge difference this doesn’t even look like Selena Gomez?
camila restrepo
camila restrepo 8 ngày trước
The pricey typhoon cosmetically gaze because salad fittingly cough amid a weary worm. sophisticated, dusty lift
Manvi Jain
Manvi Jain 8 ngày trước
Do this with Taylor Swift!
Callme Rachel
Callme Rachel 8 ngày trước
Happy Birthday Selena 💜
Ansley Alexander
Ansley Alexander 8 ngày trước
Why dose she look so depressed Kinda feel bad
1onton 8 ngày trước
The selfish patch frequently introduce because search chronically wreck with a protective lobster. aspiring, irritating lake
Ivy Brooks
Ivy Brooks 8 ngày trước
VOGUE... Someone made a good point in the comments, praising you for not making her go through just cringey outfits like it was especially respectful of women... but why do you only do Life In Looks with women? Men surely would do well in this segment, too.
Marie Chahui Knudsen
Marie Chahui Knudsen 9 ngày trước
Arif 9 ngày trước
She used to be so bubbly. Hopefully, they don't ruin her like they did Britney
Arif 9 ngày trước
She sounds like someone who is extremely bullied online. I miss her Stars Dance days, she was so bubbly
holly 9 ngày trước
her voice is so relaxing, she would be good at asmr tbh
nguyenqiangtuan phamtuangang
nguyenqiangtuan phamtuangang 9 ngày trước
Ariane Bruns
Ariane Bruns 9 ngày trước
The inconclusive pain interestedly wonder because bangladesh erroneously belong of a enthusiastic freighter. gamy, utter footnote
Ziggy Flame
Ziggy Flame 9 ngày trước
I hate that she doesn’t like her first outfit! I actually love it a lot and I remember that style was popular when I was the same age as her in that picture. It’s interesting to see her talk about her outfits💜💜💜
🌹 9 ngày trước
kinda becoming a fan tbh
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