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Teen camps have become a staple of America's youth rehabilitation system. Does this brutal method work?
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Jacob Entanglement
Jacob Entanglement 4 giờ trước
Where the white AR holdin crowd blasters come from ahah
Twitter Thunderbird
Twitter Thunderbird 4 giờ trước
If I was Sonic the hegdegehogs dad I wou ld send him here
Thank You
Thank You 5 giờ trước
All these people complaining how hard this camp are. Nothing wrong with any of this stuff, kids wanna act grown, they get to see how grown is. Didn't have any of this shit back in the day when parents were in charge.
Herllow Normil
Herllow Normil 5 giờ trước
Another thing that bothers me to the Limit is that these people who treat Kids like this were once a Kid. So why haven't you take the experience of a Kid and know how to treat them without discipline. Maybe the kid would've turned out good. But you messed up.
Im Groot
Im Groot 5 giờ trước
why they always put they face in your face damn if someone did that to me iwould tell are you gay XD lol XD
Katie Jensen
Katie Jensen 5 giờ trước
Its funny that little bratty kids have to learn discipline and respect and learn how not to be a brat. So now its abuse to yell at a child? Ptsd from one weekend of hiking and yelled at lol. Thats why we have nothing but lazy spoiled teens and adults now need safe spaces to function. They ended up with a kid that they raised to be a piece of crap. Parents are weak now.
SmugGopnikRules 9 giờ trước
This is nothing compared to Stalin's concentration's camp:(
daiduss 2kC
daiduss 2kC 10 giờ trước
you guys are weak
Axis 10 giờ trước
how the hell does this make kids better?!?!?!?
DefinitelyNotMig 11 giờ trước
Anime in the nutshell 7:13
PopCo4n 1
PopCo4n 1 12 giờ trước
Next episode on Makeing Children cry
Dojo Dog
Dojo Dog 12 giờ trước
I feel bad for these kids. They are literally being traumatized not disciplined.
Phoenix Pruett
Phoenix Pruett 13 giờ trước
This place should have been on beyond scared straight.
JORDAN LEE SCOGIN 14 giờ trước
This dude has guts talking back to that dude
Plainrock124 15 giờ trước
This is hard-core prison for children whos gave up to raise them.
Kate Hulse
Kate Hulse 16 giờ trước
The parents
tyfan1000 16 giờ trước
7:13 you know he watches too much anime if tries to act so dramatic
Dodoyes3 DamDanny
Dodoyes3 DamDanny 17 giờ trước
"Permission to kidnap your child, Ma'am?" "Yes, Sir!" "Splendid!"
Dodoyes3 DamDanny
Dodoyes3 DamDanny 17 giờ trước
The only thing they be appreciating their parents for is their new guns, lol.
Augustine Wong-Raffone
Augustine Wong-Raffone 17 giờ trước
What drugs are these parents on? They deserve to be in that camp themselves. Harsh camp solves nothing and the kids will just come back even angrier.
the legendary super saiyan
the legendary super saiyan 19 giờ trước
What if these kids suffer from mental illness and yall just make it worse.
Keantae Miller
Keantae Miller 19 giờ trước
6:57 this part made me cry bc its like the boy wanted to die at that time
Hand of truth
Hand of truth 19 giờ trước
The main councilor guy kind of reminds me of Crease from Cobra Kai. lol
Ovick09 20 giờ trước
Welp now I know what I’m doing a 24 hour challenge on
Kirsten Brown
Kirsten Brown 22 giờ trước
This stuff makes me so angry... What despicable doormat parents.
Kate Conrad
Kate Conrad 22 giờ trước
How is this legal? How is any of this ok???
Brandon Clemons
Brandon Clemons 22 giờ trước
I went there
Connie w
Connie w 22 giờ trước
we might send my brother to boot camp cause for some reason he hasn’t been listening and is really spoiled by my grandma but now i feel bad
The Legend
The Legend Ngày trước
I love how you can be paid to kidnap kids for 💰
African black kid
African black kid Ngày trước
19:51 the way it faded off into the wilderness 😭😭
ice_og4 Ngày trước
The thumb nail
Annaelle’s Variety Show
Annaelle’s Variety Show Ngày trước
This is just crazy like I feel bad and I don’t
ROKITA Ngày trước
I’m finna take my child there 😆
Isabel Fenza
Isabel Fenza Ngày trước
Where is the logic?
Isabel Fenza
Isabel Fenza Ngày trước
Extreme child abuse camp
Samomatic Ngày trước
They should have just stopped with that kid that said “whip me chain me” they should have stopped right then and there and found out what the HELL the parents are doing to that child cause that’s trauma right there
Scuff Ngày trước
Some people are saying "oH Its ThE ParENts FauLTs" when in reality, it isn't, the parents don't really have a choice, if they discipline the kids themselves, there kids most likely wont know better, and they may get the cops called on them for abuse by there own kids. They're doing the right thing sending them to places that can discipline them without the consequences of getting taken away from their family. Its literally a military camp for disciplined kids, its one of the best option honestly, letting people who are professional in discipline, I mean you got a retired marine that's helped train other marines, and changed them for the better.
F3lic Ngày trước
Basically free child labor
Spookyxralph Ngày trước
30:14 and yall tell me yall dont hurt them? BITC-
jentay Ngày trước
This reminds me of the movie holes .
Diamond 7295
Diamond 7295 Ngày trước
The person here doesn’t deserve the honor of being a veteran in my opinion, if you think because you’re a Marine you have justification to be ruining the lives of children who’s parent’s are wastes and don’t know how to take care of a child, I don’t know how you got through your life
Milo WALLACE-DUNN Ngày trước
Reminds me of the book Holes
ssg_tommy Ngày trước
"BBC Documentary" sus
Beth Nanno
Beth Nanno Ngày trước
If my parents ever sent me here I would never talk to them ever again, the is pure child abuse and torcher.
Unloaded X
Unloaded X Ngày trước
Isn't this basically child abuse?
Klizzard Ngày trước
Boooo I’m such a bad parent that I can’t improve on it so I guess I’ll send them to a camp where my child will get a lot of trauma I totally did nothing wrong
De Rasooli
De Rasooli Ngày trước
reuben Miller
reuben Miller Ngày trước
Why do I wanna go
Annihilated 64 ・ 13 years ago
Annihilated 64 ・ 13 years ago Ngày trước
I wanna come here to just swear at the workers, point up the middle finger at them, make them cry, And then force them to do my labor. So how the turn tables.
Annihilated 64 ・ 13 years ago
Annihilated 64 ・ 13 years ago Ngày trước
Its so sad whenever the parents bring them there the kids can’t stomp their foot down, spit in their parents eyes, and move away.
Annihilated 64 ・ 13 years ago
Annihilated 64 ・ 13 years ago Ngày trước
If i was a kid I would slap every parent in a 100 mile radius swear at them and climb over the gate
Annihilated 64 ・ 13 years ago
Annihilated 64 ・ 13 years ago Ngày trước
I’m so mad that they haven’t been sued and had to shut the place down.
Annihilated 64 ・ 13 years ago
Annihilated 64 ・ 13 years ago Ngày trước
since i know photoshop, Im gonna ruin those parent’s faces so bad in photoshop they’ll look like a creature from outside of the universe
Cody Ngày trước
Luke 17:2 “It would be better for one of them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble” -Jesus Christ
Jurassic production
Jurassic production Ngày trước
These parents are idiots for sending there children out
Me. Ngày trước
I don’t get it you send your kid to a camp because you don’t know how to parent and you have enough money to make them spend years there but not to let them have a good life and if you think there are coming home happy then your wrong there coming home with trust problems and probably going to hate you.
Ceeyootie Ngày trước
20:30 This poor child, he misses his mother even though she put him there. She’s a true demon and will end up in hell. I’m crying now😭 there are simple solutions! And they wasted all that money just for their kids to hate them a lot when they are back, I would do that.
Kevin Lopez Suarez
Kevin Lopez Suarez Ngày trước
Bro, its not the kids problem, its the parents who dont know how to parent them but instead they actually ask for help which is waste of money, they failed as a parent
RedRuby Ngày trước
dude at 7:00 is the same size as the retro working at the wanna be marine boot camp for kids that boy already been through some shit just hear how he says “whip me in chains”
Robens Rodrigue
Robens Rodrigue Ngày trước
boy being black i would never do that i get smacked
Neil cicierega ripoff
Neil cicierega ripoff Ngày trước
"they're mine" wow what a creepy way to say welcome to summer camp
TonyStoney Ngày trước
I dunno I may have been raised differently but this sounds like a great idea
Edgar Prado
Edgar Prado Ngày trước
I don’t understand what you would learn from this except discipline but still you literally lost your child’s trust.
S Patrk
S Patrk Ngày trước
this sort of programs are for parents who dont know how to raise their kids. i was never hit as a child by my parents. one look would be enough
N Lake
N Lake Ngày trước
"they have fear of how the journey is going to go" THEN DONT SEND THEM TO CAMP YOU IDIOTS!
KyleGachaProductions :D
KyleGachaProductions :D Ngày trước
Parents couldve just went to a family therapist, but they decided to go with this. After this they still will have to take the kid to a therapist.
cheese goddess
cheese goddess Ngày trước
6:52 kinda gay my guy
Prestcott Barnell
Prestcott Barnell Ngày trước
“They’re not harming my child or touching them or doing anything physical to our child.” It’s the mental side that will be hurt bitch.
Guido Mista
Guido Mista Ngày trước
If a parent cant control their child, their an embarrassment to themselves and do not deserve to be parents
Captain KapAlot
Captain KapAlot Ngày trước
Y’all some bitches in these comments😂 “tHeY GiVinG tHeM mOrE trUaMa”
Sirejester115 Ngày trước
Lol kids these days needs to go there bunch of idiots now
Lana Lanco
Lana Lanco 2 ngày trước
Tommy Tom
Tommy Tom 2 ngày trước
These kids are gonna go back home with the worst trust issues and *h a t e* their parents
Kderooij subto my other channel Kevin de rooij
Kderooij subto my other channel Kevin de rooij Ngày trước
I understand that you want to fix kids but this isent going to really work because kids will just hate the parents for sending them there a better choice would be find a alternative that makes kids not hate there parents after them sending there but rather thank them
ItzFungus! 2 ngày trước
41:56 "im not about punishment at all" bruh u call this place no punish therapy camp huh wow dude your not helping kids your mentally hurting them your the one creating the ciaos
Fred Servicerifle
Fred Servicerifle 2 ngày trước
ViKarhu 2 ngày trước
these kids are suffering because their parents are shit
ItzFungus! 2 ngày trước
that guy is a racist saying boi in a southern accent is racist these poor children they are mentally hurting them and causing self hate
Panther Gaming
Panther Gaming 2 ngày trước
When you watch a 40 minute video just to see the thumbnail 19:29
PAZ 2 ngày trước
Not the kid it’s the parent
PAZ 2 ngày trước
6:40 that kid has black Air Force energy
PAZ 2 ngày trước
Who else would have gotten a gang together and escaped
CheeseGod69 2 ngày trước
CheeseGod69 2 ngày trước
t h e y ‘ r e m i n e.
Joe mama
Joe mama 2 ngày trước
The money you spent on this camp could of went to a ps5 and you would of seen better results.
Kderooij subto my other channel Kevin de rooij
Kderooij subto my other channel Kevin de rooij Ngày trước
Bro facts because the kid will meet other people online and they won’t take any crap from him and he’ll adjust and be nicer to people
Greg Whale
Greg Whale 2 ngày trước
Damn I actually watched this whole thing very inspiring
Introvert Godma
Introvert Godma 2 ngày trước
“Theres nothing wrong with him” “I just want you to improve” lol
Dyavrea IsTheName
Dyavrea IsTheName 2 ngày trước
He said he is trying to stop them from being on the streets. but yelling and making them only have 3 hrs of sleep. That's abusive power. And to make your kid go on this will just Traumatized your kid and your kid can start drinking and getting into drugs cause of Trauma. They are probably really weak. Even if there bad no kid should go through that. People need sleep that's one thing people need. Kids have to at least get 12hrs of sleep. the man that's running this so called "program" has gone through this?... Probably not. I don't think the kids would have enough sleep to do all of that... But there doing anyway cause you said so. Yelling at them, them only getting three hours of sleep, and working them to much will and can cause death.
•Bella POVA•
•Bella POVA• 2 ngày trước
After watching the video and scrolling through all the hate comments I think we can all say this is the most hated video because why not talk with your child or send them to a therapy instead of giving them trauma and PTSD? Geez parents be doing the most like playing on video games and skipping school that makes him a bad child? And at the end of the video that was a whole example of why kids don't even talk to their parents anymore and about their feelings like this boy just came back from a camp that just gave him trauma and then you're going to yell at him because his little brother put to hat on him then he tried to take it off?!?! Bruh most kids don't even deserve parents and most parent don't deserve kids this is very long I know but it annoys me not annoy me I mean ANGER me that parents do this to their kids. This should be illegal but u know what is legal? Giving your kids to a WAY better parent. I swear if my parents do this to me I swear by the time I'm 16 I'm getting a job and when I'm 18 🚪 🏃🏾‍♀️. I have a lot say so get a glass/ bottle of water, when that little kid was talking I noticed he had eye bags. Like NO kid should have that. And when I heard one of the adults talking to the camera I heard " We are trying to care for them and respect them" I was GONNEEE like care and respect?? Oh Dear God that's not caring. Caring is you helping them out, protecting them ect. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Parents need to set a better example for their kids if they want them to be happy as they grow up but No. Sending kids to this camp is leading them to PTSD and making them tell a HORRIFYING backstory. Parents need to do better. God bless everyone watching this❤️🙏🏼
cycility 2 ngày trước
18:57 walmart dababy
X 3
X 3 2 ngày trước
Doesn’t every kid get angry when they can’t have something, Lady your son having an emotional outburst doesn’t require traumatizing
Your daily therapist
Your daily therapist 2 ngày trước
It's all parents faults
X 3
X 3 2 ngày trước
What if because they can’t leave they’ll commit suicide, Is this humane, Why are they not allowed to leave
Jamie Castillo
Jamie Castillo 2 ngày trước
this whole camp isnt even to help the children or their "parents", they just get a kick out of hurting these children and it's gross. They should've been shut down a long time ago.
X 3
X 3 2 ngày trước
This ideology of helicopter parenthood, is bullshit. Are they literally implying that teenagers and kids have to be controlled. What does a whooping do expect scare the living shit out of a kid. Traumatizing kids because they have behavioral problems, Oldest trick in the book
Jamie Castillo
Jamie Castillo 2 ngày trước
bryce's "mom" doesn't even deserve to be a mom, she has no idea what she's doing which is v obvious cause she sent her own child to that camp. She should be sent to that camp instead
X 3
X 3 2 ngày trước
No kids perfect, you think this is the first time they are gonna face these problems, Breaking a kid with fear will result in fear of rebellion
X 3
X 3 2 ngày trước
This show is sick, why do they have to send these kids here. It’s ridiculous. They can’t give them therapy, or residential care. There parents are as dumb as the staff
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