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9 ngày trước

Loki’s time has come. Watch the brand-new trailer for "Loki," and start streaming the Marvel Studios Original Series June 11 on Disney+.
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Chew jyPlayz
Chew jyPlayz Giờ trước
Wait so I’m a little confused... did Loki not die in infinity war?
Luca Rocamora
Luca Rocamora 2 giờ trước
I hope atleast the suspenseful part of this trailer song gets into the show
RL K 2 giờ trước
Read The New Novel,,, The Script A Mafia Story! It's a movie for your mind. Snitches Get Stitches
Darly Hernandez
Darly Hernandez 2 giờ trước
Guess you could say he’s Loki casual about his criminal record
RYAN S 3 giờ trước
I don’t understand this but it looks good
ExoticButtersStuffies 3 giờ trước
I thought Loki died
Hari Krishnan
Hari Krishnan 3 giờ trước
Stanley Jackson
Stanley Jackson 3 giờ trước
2:06 minute is widow?????
Niokolay Dimitrov
Niokolay Dimitrov 3 giờ trước
Breaking reality ? Then they need to kill the Avengers and Thanos as it all started because of them.
Tyler Andersen
Tyler Andersen 4 giờ trước
When you realize that Marvel gave a plot hole that many people complained about. Only so that they can give us a tv show dedicated to Loki without Thor to steal his Thunder.
Anna Leu
Anna Leu 4 giờ trước
Truthseeker the Nightwing
Truthseeker the Nightwing 4 giờ trước
“Loki, I’ve studied almost every moment of your life, you’ve literally stabbed people in the back like 50 times.” *long pause* “I’d never do it again!”
Karina Melissa
Karina Melissa 4 giờ trước
he's literally my fav villain of all time
wjrasmussen666 4 giờ trước
why is the Captain Marvel Mall Security guy working at TVA?
Al-Hamd Mobiles,Computer and Electronics
Al-Hamd Mobiles,Computer and Electronics 4 giờ trước
Have someone notice the (Black Widow) 2:06
Anket48evi 5 giờ trước
Lütfen netfilxe geksin yada disney plus türkiye'ye
Casey Storan
Casey Storan 5 giờ trước
I come back to this about 10 times a day
KS Wong
KS Wong 5 giờ trước
looking forward for an independent movie for happy hogan.
MasterJay1985 5 giờ trước
Super smort! 🥰 I have to get this sweet kitty cup!
Satisfying 5 giờ trước
pryncyss 6 giờ trước
This is the Loki we want and need! 😊💝🙋‍♀️👏
maddie donnellyy
maddie donnellyy 6 giờ trước
i am so excited oh my dheudhehdhduejdjdjd
LAZER teachnics
LAZER teachnics 6 giờ trước
Plz convert loki to capitan americs🙏👍
Brooke Scalzi
Brooke Scalzi 6 giờ trước
2:06 Is that Nat?
Panshul Bhatt
Panshul Bhatt 7 giờ trước
My birthday is on 11 June and Loki show is also coming on 11 June I am so happy
Bodkin 7 giờ trước
I can’t waiiiiiit! Loki is my favourite character!
Shivam Singh Aswal
Shivam Singh Aswal 7 giờ trước
I am amazed to see how connected we all are through these movies. Great!!
Reels Zone
Reels Zone 7 giờ trước
1:25 avengers building collapsed 💔💔💔
Megan Dorricott
Megan Dorricott 7 giờ trước
OMG i cant be the only one who thought they saw black widow. cant wait
Dimi Pepes
Dimi Pepes 7 giờ trước
Tom Hiddleston is such a good actor. He was casted as a potential choice for the Thor role, didn‘t get the part und got instead the loki Part and embraced the role and everything about it so good. Champagne casting from Marvel
lakshmi kanth reddy
lakshmi kanth reddy 7 giờ trước
Don't believe loki🙏🙏
Booglebazle 756
Booglebazle 756 7 giờ trước
Hari Crafts
Hari Crafts 7 giờ trước
You can just see Disney in it right
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 6 giờ trước
Not really, after Iron Man 2 Kevin Feige and Bob Iger made an agreement to let Kevin run things with zero interference
Benratbag1997 7 giờ trước
If Loki gets his own spin off series - Why doesn’t Marvel Studios make more MCU projects based on the villains?? Say like a standalone origin movie on either Doctor Doom, Kingpin or Apocalypse?
As123 7 giờ trước
Idk what to do like Loki or hate Loki
Akter Jahan
Akter Jahan 8 giờ trước
He is only villein everyone loves. He is the only villein nobody wants to die. He is the one who stole the show. He is only villein whose death made everyone feel sad and cry. We love Tom Hiddlestone. ❤
Mickimoo 8 giờ trước
my heart!!
DJ Imran solapur
DJ Imran solapur 8 giờ trước
Movie reales date?
kachigga my bigga
kachigga my bigga 7 giờ trước
not a movie
Craig Dowse
Craig Dowse 8 giờ trước
Looks good to bad you will ruin it like everything you touch
Sumer Skye
Sumer Skye 9 giờ trước
Am in the only person who saw Loki sitting with Natasha at 2:06 -2:07?? I’m so excited for this movie!!
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 8 giờ trước
1. It’s a series not a movie 2. That is not Nat
Shihab Mollah
Shihab Mollah 9 giờ trước
It was really awesome
We need avengers 5
Nixon Ramos
Nixon Ramos 10 giờ trước
The Avengers, Avengers: Endgame(small but significant modification) and then this
Kadie McCabe
Kadie McCabe 10 giờ trước
Is everyone ignoring the fact he’s talking to Nat? There’s no way that’s not her!
Mr Critical
Mr Critical 8 giờ trước
That isn’t her that’s the villain of the series
DRAGON MASTER 10 giờ trước
I wish this series would me in tamil
Destiel_is_my_angel 10 giờ trước
Loki: you can trust me! Loki sweetie baby honey buns.....I can trust you to lie
Mehak 11 giờ trước
is that nat at 2:06 ?
Gega Ryani
Gega Ryani 11 giờ trước
minute 2:06 IS IT NATASHAAA????????
İrem Su Şahin
İrem Su Şahin 11 giờ trước
It's a great chance that the movie came out the day after my birthday. This movie might be the best birthday present I've ever received in my life. Thanks a lot Marvel. 🎉😄😄😄❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🎁🎁🎁🎉
50 times sheesh loki
Alan Kwark
Alan Kwark 11 giờ trước
You me and Loki
Shuet Khamiel
Shuet Khamiel 12 giờ trước
When they can't decide of a font style
Tokari 12 giờ trước
loki💚 is my favourite in mcu
Akhil Arun
Akhil Arun 12 giờ trước
Are we not gonna talk about how he was literally talking to black widow
Kim Dobben
Kim Dobben 12 giờ trước
so am i the only one that is certain that they saw black widow at the end.
smallskates _
smallskates _ 13 giờ trước
Loki is the joker of the marvel universe
James Armstrong
James Armstrong 13 giờ trước
I just clocked it's Trish!! Martha's sister in Doctor Who!
Nila Amelia
Nila Amelia 13 giờ trước
Because the batsuite is look alike Ironman suite ...and his hobby similar to Tony Stark 😂😂..sori mygrammar broken😂😂
Nila Amelia
Nila Amelia 13 giờ trước
Can i it Tony Stark in Batman vs Superman as Alfred 😂😂
UndeadRanx 13 giờ trước
Did you guys see blaack widow he was at vormir
Higgldy Diggldy
Higgldy Diggldy 13 giờ trước
DC better than Marvel
sophiedoerre 13 giờ trước
oh yes
Matt Hall
Matt Hall 14 giờ trước
This is gonna be soo good!
dxadlydeath? unxrmed_spirit
dxadlydeath? unxrmed_spirit 14 giờ trước
i think joker character perfect in loki imagine loki face with joker
BeDhil Gamerz
BeDhil Gamerz 14 giờ trước
Wow In physical wallah bio playlist
Anushri Kar
Anushri Kar 15 giờ trước
Well I'll never do it again 🤣🤣🤣 every single time 😂😂
Vaishnavika singh bhati
Vaishnavika singh bhati 16 giờ trước
Mama I’m in love with the Criminal
Vaishnavika singh bhati
Vaishnavika singh bhati 16 giờ trước
People : Loki isnt dead yet? Glorious purpose ! Remember?
Vaishnavika singh bhati
Vaishnavika singh bhati 16 giờ trước
People crying bc Ironman is dead. Me: but Loki is Alive 🥺
K Ken
K Ken 16 giờ trước
when Fan like me love Ironman or Thor, Marvel decided to make a movie for Loki... disgusting.
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 14 giờ trước
@yolol I'm giving facts. While you're just trolling me.
Liloki Ola95
Liloki Ola95 14 giờ trước
Iron Man had a 3 solo movies + he was in all Avengers movies, while he died in Endgame and he didn't come back, because Robert Downey JR left MCU. Thor has a 3 solo movies and he was in Avengers the same like Iron Man and he has a forth (and probably last) movie in the next year. That's not more for you????
yolol 14 giờ trước
@Alberto Rojas boottt
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 15 giờ trước
MARVEL Studios Loki is a television series. That said, have you forgotten, both Iron Man & Thor have 7 films between them? Iron Man - (2008) Iron Man 2 - ('10) Iron Man 3 - ('13) Thor - ('11) Thor: The Dark World - ('13) Thor: Ragnarok - ('17) Thor: Love and Thunder - ('22)
wlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwlwl 16 giờ trước
Loki is alive
Aditya Raj thakur
Aditya Raj thakur 16 giờ trước
Loki is immortal, the powerful villan is thanos but favourite is loki bcause loki is a villan who is even better than a hero
Left Spin
Left Spin 17 giờ trước
Hmm we thought he died?! But he's better than thanos as Loki really is INEVITABLE
Maria Jose CD
Maria Jose CD 17 giờ trước
2:06 I know I know BUT! Is that Natasha???
dinejp 15 giờ trước
Neil McJannett
Neil McJannett 18 giờ trước
Two theories, both highly dubious based solely on my own perceived circumstantial evidence. First, when Steve fought himself in Endgame, he was actually fighting Loki in disguise. (2012 Cap left his helmet in the bank and his suit was beaten and torn. The Cap that Cap fought appeared perfect.) Second, (less of a theory, more of a) what if every time Loki has died he's been replaced by his own Variant?
Rovox 18 giờ trước
Why do those TVA batons ( 1:44 ) look so much like the ones the Combine uses in the game half life 2
Gamer tv Rules
Gamer tv Rules 18 giờ trước
Loki 😎
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 18 giờ trước
The tva looks like its in the 60's era
MANISH MOVIES 18 giờ trước
I am from India
vencent 19 giờ trước
saw this trailer on one of my videos got hype then at ending out in july 11 blady helll !
ZF12 19 giờ trước
If you really think about it, all of this is Dr. Strange's fault
Lazy Dizzy
Lazy Dizzy 19 giờ trước
This looks incredibly funny & so LOKI
Saharat Doungkhoaw
Saharat Doungkhoaw 19 giờ trước
is that Natasha? 2:06
dinejp 15 giờ trước
Charles Pack
Charles Pack 20 giờ trước
I'm just trying to get on the movie scene I need a little work but I'm your Wolverine I know him though and through because I am him look and almost abilities my hair is him my body used to be him but my bones are him just need a trainer
CAT OWNER 20 giờ trước
since I'm a Loky fan, I will not pay to see this movie! . (yeah, that's what bad guys do)
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas 20 giờ trước
MARVEL Studios' Loki* is a television series*. That said, MS' Loki first season will consist of six episodes. A second season is in development.
Jasen Aprian Putra
Jasen Aprian Putra 20 giờ trước
2:06 is that black widow?
Moses Benedict
Moses Benedict 20 giờ trước
Can't wait to watch this
Sourabh Singh
Sourabh Singh 20 giờ trước
Iron man will come back
loki god of ass guard
loki god of ass guard 20 giờ trước
2:06 is that black widow/nat
dinejp 15 giờ trước
Saif Tonoy
Saif Tonoy 20 giờ trước
Another childish marvel crap
yolol 14 giờ trước
Childsih?? Lmaoo get out
Sivil Rishar
Sivil Rishar 21 giờ trước
Стал жертвой одной роли.
Kai 21 giờ trước
Unreality distubtion becouse of loki.
My View
My View 21 giờ trước
I'm waiting 😉
Core Account
Core Account 21 giờ trước
He is not a man of mischief or mere matchstick man. He is the god of mischief. If you think you are manipulating him you are his victim.
frostmagemarii 21 giờ trước
Its great that they're giving Loki a series.. shame its not the Loki that got all the good character development from Ragnarok.
TD Dilshara
TD Dilshara 21 giờ trước
I really don't like falcon and the winter soldier.. it's just like another typical action tv series with politics crap..but this looks amazing ♥️
Katherine R
Katherine R 21 giờ trước
Nessa Rexroat
Nessa Rexroat 21 giờ trước
Chris Hemsworth will be in it too
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